Being Alone

What if one day you wake up alone? You wake up with all the people in this world gone, except you. You wake up with all your loved ones gone. Your mom and dad, your brothers and sisters, your friends and bestfriend, or even your neighborhood, and all the strangers you see on streets. Would … Continue reading Being Alone


Out of Place

Sometimes I feel out of place. It's as if don't belong anywhere. I feel like no likes me and no one wants me. There are times when I feel left out. They're all enjoying while I'm in a corner alone with myself. I'm envious of other teenagers. They have freedom to do anything they want. … Continue reading Out of Place

After the Rain

There are people who make promises to be with us, always, throught thick and thin. However, in times of difficulties, they are nowhere to be seen. Like an air, they're invicible. And then suddenly, they appear after the terrible things we've gone through. "I'll be your umbrella after the rain."

A Book

It's a brook Where you learn something new A brains hook To catch lore for it is few It's a place Of perfect serene A medicine Whenever you feel unease It's a certainty For your skepsises And a place To dwell with your fantasies